CATS is for fellow Cigar enthusiasts, who in this economy are always looking for the best deals and find GREAT EVENTS. I created this page in mind of folks who find great deals on Cigars and Cigar related Items can post it. Whether or not it something you found or you want to sale.

As much as I love all things Drew Estate, this page will be open to ALL Cigars and related items. I hate seeing a great deal, knowing I im out of my monthly cigar budget, and someone else might want to see it.

We are a Unique group, unlike any other Cigar group or Forum. We are a positive culture that praises cigars and the cigar community. CATS is a close Knit community, that loves welcoming new like minded members. There are CATS Specials, Contests, Raffles, and so much more. Come by and say hello. Warning we are a fast pace group, you wont be allow to ever grow bored.

We support one charity only, Op: Cigars For Warriors. This Charity’s Missions is absolutely beautiful, ran by over 100 volunteers who all have one goal. To give back to our Military’s men and women whom are in harms ways in war zones a great cigar, and for those who are long deployments or Forces Afloat. Want to know more? Check out!