Commonwealth Cedar Spills

Thomas Person has made these beautiful Designer Spills just for CATS members at a HELL of a price. He is a true patriot and has been donating his beautiful spills to Op:CFW to give to our troops, so that their Cigar Experience is even better!!!

For a limited time Commonwealth Cedar Spills is pleased to offer C.A.T.S. branded cedar spills and spillboxes for $30.00 plus FREE shipping. Just click the link below and get them FAST!!! The are #1 in the listings for Customs Spills.

Buy Cedar Spills Here!

These are the same standard size Russian Birch spillboxes that are appearing in local tobacco shops nationwide only these spills and spillboxes have the Dirty C.A.T.S. name and logo on them. There is a limit of 10 per order, these wares are not “Top Swap” eligible and this is a limited time offer. Go to and place your order available in the U.S. and Canada only no other international orders at this time

Please tell Thomas Person thank you Very much! This is a rare opportunity, to truly enhance your cigar smoking experience!


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