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2017 Beard & Mustache Competition Ticket


Enter the 2017 CAT Festival Beard & Mustache Competition! This event takes place on Saturday, May 27th at 1pm in the main CATS Fest area behind the Rodeo Arena. All entrants can compete in 6 awesome categories for outstanding prizes! Ladies can enter too and get in on the fun with the fake beard category!

1) “Sweetest Staches” – Natural and Styled Mustaches.

2) “Prestigious Partials” – Goatees, Sideburns and Mutton Chops.

3) “Bodacious Beardsmen” – Business Beards, Groomed Beards and Full Natural Beards.

4) “Whiskerina” – Best (Fake) Creative & Artistic for the ladies.

5) “Follicle Freestyle” – Most Creative & Artistic Men’s.

6) “Overall Winner” – The five category winners go head to head for the Grand Prize!

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