CATS Fest VIP Tickets give you the ultimate CATS Fest experience! You’ll enjoy a phenomenal dinner rubbing elbows with cigar industry super-stars, smoking and drinking the night away. You’re sure to enjoy the signature menu item, the KC pan seared steak. This type of steak may be well-known in West Texas, but no other steakhouse in South Texas serves the KC steak like we do. We start by hand-cutting two ounce medallions of Premium Akaushi Beef from the Beeman Family Ranch, next it’s generously seasoned with our Tejas rub, pan seared and served in generous portions. This steak has so much flavor that Texas Monthly named it the “Best Steak in Texas”… it melts in your mouth and has become our most popular item.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be entered into a the VIP raffle with a slew of fantastic prizes!