Winston’s Humidor Coffee & Cigar Special

CATS/CFW Smoking Coffee Special!

The sweet and Patriotic family At Winston’s Humidor are releasing a new coffee blend called the Winston’s Reserva Limitada.

It is a limited coffee release and is all Brazilian beans, it will retail for $14.95 + $6 shipping. To launch the new coffee they wanted to do something special for CATS MEMBERS and include CFW!!!

Brazilian package that features their home blend coffee and a great Brazilian boutique cigar brand – Monte Pascoal. For $34.95

You also receive FREE Shipping!

The package includes:
a bag of our Limitada coffee,
3 Monte Pascoal cigars (1 double corona, 1 robusto, and 1 belicoso) +
2 Monte Pascoal cigars donated on your behalf for CFW.
The best way for anyone to order it is to either call the shop (804 379 2985) or through PP at



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