WE LOVE CONTESTS, so within this page we are creating a simple, fun and very challenging contest that is just for the “LadyCATS” at this year’s CATS Fest.

The “LadyCATS” is a sisterhood proudly supporting our nations deployed service men and women.  Creating a “LadyCATS” lounge at C.A.T.S. Fest, says founder Storm Boen, is a way for this very unique, talented, passionate, strong, uplifting and crazy fun sisterhood group of gals to come together, enjoy cigars, cocktails, coffee, great food, educate and promote their main military charity, in conjunction with the C.A.T.S. Community, OP: Cigars for Warriors.

Always looking to add to the group, the “LadyCATS” find each other educating those less familiar with the finer points of what makes a great premium cigar or a favorite home brewery or craft brewery, tips on the best ways to smoke and light a cigar to maximize the pleasure of smoking one, or deciding can or draft.  Great conversations are started and the discussion of how to continue to uphold and educate the amazing and respectful lifestyle of the C.A.T.S. Community.

Director of the “LadyCATS”, Tina Collier and her team, with the guidance of the C.A.T.S. Community, see this sisterhood group as a needed, continuing to grow community of its own and with the handful of ladies whom have been a part of the C.A.T.S. Community since its beginning, a true success.  “LadyCATS” come from all over the United States and the world, connecting and networking with like-minded cigar aficionados.

Our Goals

  • Introduce future “LadyCATS”, to the C.A.T.S. Community and what the mission of Op: CFW is.
    Collaborate with other communities with contests to see who can raise the most cigars for CFW.

  • Promote fundraising efforts for CFW, with support of C.A.T.S. Fest, Silent Auctions, Raffles, etc.

  • Promote and highlight the amazing women in the cigar industry once a month within the C.A.T.S. Community, in the series “LadyCATS” Highlight of the Month”.

  • “LadyCATS” Swag sales through the C.A.T.S. Community FB store and at CATS FEST, to promote awareness of the Lady CATS.

  • Create fun contests that are for the “LadyCATS”, and lead contests for the whole of C.A.T.S. Community.


The Lady CATS Lounge

In 2019, we had the inaugural year of the “LadyCATS” Lounge for “CATS Ladies” only.  We were very excited about it being the first ever, ladies lounge, at a cigar festival. In the spirit of empowering our amazing ladies, we are hosting The Wild Fire Ladies Cigar Society. In 2020 we will continue having the LADY CATS lounge at CATS fest.

This group is all about the enjoyment of smoking cigars with other great women.  All ladies with a GA or VIP ticket will get some extra special swag at registration.  Those Ladies who visit the “LadyCATS” lounge on Saturday will receive a special  “LadyCATS” gift.

In closing, watch for more instructions on the latest contest!!!


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100% of the profit from this event will be donated directly to the military charity Operation: Cigars for Warriors!