Shorty Rossi

Who is this man with a big heart? Shorty Rossi is a Keynote Speaker, Pit Bull Rescuer/Activist, Book Author and Avid Cigar Lover with his own cigar line.

Shorty grew up in LA and was on his own by age 15.  By age 18 he was involved in a gang-related shooting and a convicted felon serving 10 years at Folsom State Prison.

Fresh out of prison and determined to change his life, he learned quick that entertainment jobs were lucrative as a little person.  Working at Universal Studios and appearing in commercials and movies such as "The Grinch" with Jim Carrey, "The Kid" with Bruce Willis and "Daddy Day Care" with Eddie Murphy the list goes on with dozens of TV shows and theater throughout the years.Shorty is definitely a workaholic. Starting Shortywood Productions, providing and manage little people entertainers. 

Also starting Shorty's Rescue - his passion for championing the cause of Pit Bulls.  He's owned Pit Bulls since he was 14 years old and credits them for "saving his life".


Shorty has authored and promotes his book "Four Feet Tall and Rising" and he's a motivational speaker.  Just because he’s 4 feet tall doesn’t mean he can’t live large!  Shorty is a tough talking, cigar smoking, ex-gang, ex-con with a huge heart for Pit Bulls. 

Shorty knows what it’s like to be misunderstood, the challenges he faced and the accomplishments in spite of it all. This book takes you inside Shorty’s extraordinary life.

Shorty's Rescue

Shorty has long been an advocate to breaking those stereotypes of "bully breed" dogs.  Shorty's rescue is a 501(c)3 charity. It provides educational resources for being a responsible breed guardianship, animal rights, dog training, rescue, rehabilitation, re-home services and vet care.

To learn more or to donate go to Shorty's Rescue

Shorty's Rescue is partnering up with Dogs Nation to provide service dogs for children affected by autism and other disabilities.  Their passion for training rescued Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes bring a much-needed service to children and to our military vets.

Shorty's Rescue is proud to announce that they are opening a rescue center and clinic in Mexico.  The clinic will be called Hercules Clinic.  It is a much-needed facility to continue the work for rescue, rehabilitate and re-home bully breeds.

Shorty's Cigars

In 2010, Shorty received a personal invitation by AJ Fernandez to visit his factory and get a first-hand look at the production of cigars.  At that first visit Shorty was given the opportunity to make his own size in the Diesel line up. Since then he has developed a full line of Shorty Cigars.

Diesel Rage - showcases an ultra-dark Ecuadorian Habano Sun Grown Oscuro wrapper, Nicaraguan long-fillers grown for this project on AJ’s farms.  This cigar delivers an overload of complex flavors including earth, vanilla, coffee, spices, and cedar, all while offering just enough strength without becoming overpowering.

Diesel Shorty Ltd - This Diesel has leathery and spicy flavors with a toasty core of espresso beans.  Boasting fillers from Nicaragua’s Jalapa, Condega and Esteli regions, each and every leaf is aged for three years, then concealed with a dark and oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper.  this cigar packs a full-bodied punch from start to finish.

Diesel Shorty Grind - Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua, Grind begins with a robust, but well-aged blend of long leaf ligeros, hand selected for their rich and smooth character.  Complemented by an Ecuador Habano Sun Grown Oscuro wrapper. Full-bodied but exquisitely smooth.

Hair of the Dog - A full-bodied, full-flavored Nicaraguan handmade that bites you back! A combination of bold, Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos from Esteli and Ometepe, married with Piloto Cubano long-fillers inside a spicy San Andres binder. On the outside, a thick Ecuador Habano ligero wrapper glistens with oils. The blend is dense and assertive, with a concentrated series of oak, leather, earth, coffee, and hearty spices throughout the burn.

As with most everything Shorty touches, he is successful at.  Shorty hit the cigar world with his first independent release, San Bajito. 

San Bajito - The blend was made entirely by Shorty.  A full flavored, bold and robust profile wrapped in a medium bodied format. Complex notes of earthy spices and a toasty finish.  Perfect for the everyday smoke, morning, noon or night.

Punisher - BE WARNED, this full-bodied, potent blend of Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos is one of the strongest cigars ever!  There’s nothing sweet about this stick.  With a creamy smoke and copious amounts of spice and pepper comes a well-balanced earthy sensation throughout.  Highly recommended you enjoy this one on a full stomach.  New enthusiasts and old be warned, this cigar is incredibly strong and super spicy.


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